The Ladybug for GirlsClub is an after-school ambassador program which uses an educational based curriculum on the latest research for girl’s health and the prevention of childhood obesity. Elementary and middle school girl’s learn to make healthy nutritional choices, engage in fun practical fitness activities, discover experiential learning in school gardens and build self-confidence through leadership. Girl's also build healthy friendships while learning new ways to live an inspired, healthy, fun-filled life through social gatherings and workshops throughout the school year. 

Requirements to launch a Ladybug for Girls Club at your school is:
  • Two school sponsor's (ex. Principal, Teacher, or Counselor)
  • Students must be in 4th, 5th, or 6th grade
  • A required minimum of 12 students to participate with a maximum of 24 students
  • Designated classroom space for sessions
  • Access to an open space such as gymnasium, auditorium, or outdoors
Being healthy isn't a fad or a trend. Instead, its a LIFESTYLE!

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